Solar thermal EOR

Cost effective and robust Solar Steam Generators for thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)


Customer profil Heavy oil producer

For heavy oilfields, oil producers use thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to optimise their production and extend oilfields lifetime.
The process consists in injecting steam into a reservoir to warm up the oil and facilitate its pumping.

SUNCNIM provides turnkey solar steam generators specifically designed to cover the steam needs of oil producers for thermal EOR application with :

  • Competitive cost of steam
  • Steam characteristics in compliance with reservoir operation (pressure, quality)
  • Material and equipment compliant with oilfield feed water quality according to the American Petroleum Institute recommended practice 11T (API RP 11T)
  • Automatic mirror cleaning robot with very low water consumption. It ensures maximum optical efficiency for optimum steam production in a desert environment
  • Smooth profile of steam production throughout the day enables easy regulation with existing once trough steam gas generator (OTSG). In this field SUNCNIM uses the extensive experience of the CNIM group in conventional steam boilers.
  • Compliance with ATEX and safety oilfield requirements (no thermal fluid used: no fire hazard)
  • Simple modular design with mobile workshops for easy assembly on site
  • Lowest footprint for space confined installation

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