Demonstrator in La Seyne sur Mer

SUNCNIM operates since 2010 a 500 kW thermal demonstration plant with energy storage in automatic mode on its main industrial facility located in La Seyne sur Mer (South of France).


Technology CSP Fresnel - Solar Steam Generator

Application field Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) - Process steam

Activities Manufacturing, Construction, Operation

SUNCNIM has designed, built and operates since 2010 a Fresnel solar steam generator demonstor of 500 kW thermal located on CNIM industrial facility in La Seyne sur Mer.

The operation is performed in fully automatic mode with the use of automatic cleaning robot which performs daily cleaning of the reflector.

In 2015, SUNCNIM installed a steam accumulator storage tank of 4 hours capacity to demonstrate on site on storage technology performance.

FraunhoferThe international solar laboratory Fraunhofer ISE verified through an audit the performance of SUNCNIM solar steam generator demonstrator in La Seyne sur Mer based on thermal in-situ measurements of test sequences in summer 2015.


Suncnim automatic cleaning robot