Innovation & Know-how

Innovation is the engine that drives SUNCNIM's growth



Sustained by the creative energy of the workforce, innovation is the cornerstone of the company’s technological leadership, competitiveness and growth. For SUNCNIM, innovation involves:

  • A continuous improvement program aimed at optimising existing Equipment
  • The development of uniquely designed and constructed new products
  • A dynamic intellectual property Policy
  • Partnerships with research organisations in France and abroad
  • The development of services aimed at optimising clients’ facilities by improving the operational availability of equipment and reducing its operating costs

A team of 5 persons are today dedicated to Research and Development in SUNCNIM in the fields of :

  • Maximising solar system efficiency to increase plant output and minimise solar energy price
  • Optimising storage system for electricity/thermal energy to deliver the lowest cost of storage for our customers
  • Minimising Operation/Maintenance costs over the project's lifetime via operation plants' feedback

In addition, our innovation department works closely with international solar research institutes such as Fraunhoffer, CNRS Promes and is involved in cooperation programs like STAGElogos fraunhofer promes stage

Our innovative developments are mostly world first references like :

  • eLLO project which is the first Fresnel power plant with storage (4 hours)
  • Our automatic cleaning robot which is the first fully automatic cleaning robot for CSP plants



Our know-how

Electricity, automation, mechanics and thermal energy, our historic areas of expertise, require a diverse range of technological skills. This is the basis on which SUNCNIM establishes its unique profile as an all-round industrial contractor. Taking on the technological challenges faced by its clients, SUNCNIM designs innovative products and services, builds and installs the equipment it designs, and provides maintenance and operating services

SUNCNIM’s industrial facility is located at La Seyne-sur-Mer (France) and covers:

  • development: design, systems and process engineering, dimensioning and calculation, automation and control systems, and R&D
  • services: procurement, construction site management, commissioning and L2, L3 maintenance

La Seyne