Solar steam generators

SUNCNIM designs, builds (EPC) and operates solar steam generators (SSG) for heavy oil production and process industries


Photovoltaic Installations

SUNCNIM designs, builds (EPC) and operates PV plants with storage for utilities and industrial customers


Our main advantages

Competitive cost of solar energy

SUNCNIM technologies produce competitive cost of thermal energy and electricity with storage

Integrated activities over project lifetime

SUNCNIM supplies services for development, construction and operation of solar plant with storage

Innovative propriatory technologies

SUNCNIM has developed its own proprietary technology for solar energy production and storage

Strong industrial and state shareholders

CNIM group and BPI strongly support SUNCNIM through equity and operational synergies

SUNCNIM masters solar energy for electricity and thermal energy production with storage

SUNCNIM relies on solar and storage propriatory technology to control the production of electricity and thermal energy during the day :

  • For thermal energy production, SUCNIM has developped its own Fresnel solar steam generator technology with steam accumulator storage.
  • For electricity production, SUNCNIM uses the Energy Management System (EMS) developped by its sister company Bertin Technologies to control electricity production from PV array, battery and diesel generator. The EMS includes a unique energy prediction tool integrating advanced meteorological data analysis.

SUNCNIM’s shareholders

SUNCNIM shareholders are the CNIM industrial group (55%) and the SPI fund (45%) which is financed by the French government’s Future Investment Program and operated by Bpifrance

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