SUNCNIM belongs to CNIM group (55%) and the SPI fund (45%) which is financed by the French government’s Future Investment Program


SUNCNIM belongs to the CNIM group (55%) and the SPI fund (45%) which is financed by the French government’s Future Investment Program and operated by Bpifrance


The CNIM group 

The CNIM group designs and produces turnkey industrial solutions with high technological content and offers expertise, services and operating solutions in the fields of environment, energy, defense and high technology. CNIM manages projects and sells equipment worldwide

The Group strives for technological excellence in each of its activities:

  • By mastering all the technologies and high level industrial resources it implements;
  • By marketing innovative products thanks to the creativity of its teams.

Founded in 1856, CNIM is a medium-sized company :

  • Listed on the Euronext exchange in Paris, the Group relies on a stable family-based shareholding structure committed to its development.
  • The Group is headed by Nicolas Dmitrieff, Chairman of the Management Board.

CNIM result


The CNIM Group is organized into two business sectors

1/ Environment & Energy

CNIM is a leading European specialist in waste-to-energy and biomass-to-energy conversion. The Group also has a range of made-to-measure solutions to reduce polluting emissions from industrial plants and produce energy using concentrated solar power
Its ambition is to meet the energy transition challenges of its customers in France and around the world, by means of a global offering based on a range of activities (development, turnkey construction, operation, maintenance and services) and the use of proprietary technologies

This offer includes :

  • Development of turnkey plants for producing energy from waste, biomass, photovoltaic electricity with storage and concentrated solar power. This activity is offered by CNIM and its SUNCNIM subsidiary
  • Integrated waste and energy management solutions for customers looking for an industrial partner who can contribute in all stages of the project – from design to financing, and from construction of the plant to its operation and maintenance
  • Technologies and systems for reducing polluting emissions.These activities are carried out by the LAB subsidiary, specializing in flue-gas and ash treatment systems and in the recovery of metals
  • A wide range of services provided by CNIM Babcock Services, the largest business involved in the refurbishment and upgrading of thermal power plants in France. It supports its customers in their energy efficiency and transition approach, and works on all types of industrial boilers and fuels

Clients :

  • Local authorities
  • Business owners
  • Public service representatives
  • Private investors and public or private service companies (food processing, chemicals, petrochemicals, paper manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Energy producers
  • Etc






2/ Innovation & Systems

CNIM covers the entire life cycle of equipment and systems with high technological content
(R&D, design, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance) in the fields of defense and security,
nuclear power and large-scale scientific instruments, the industry and life sciences

This sector includes the Industrial Systems Division and Bertin, whose skills and resources are deployed in
close synergy

The Industrial Systems Division offers a unique combination of development, production, installation
and maintenance of innovative systems and equipment. It also carries out manufacturing
subcontracts for various industrial sectors.

Bertin Technologies and its subsidiaries operate in four key areas:

  • Consultancy, systems ergonomics and innovative engineering
  • Development and provision of instrumentation equipment and systems
  • Software solutions and associated services for the security of information systems and digital intelligence
  • Provision of research and development services for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnologies

Clients :

  • Major French and international outsources


BPI France 

BPIBPI France a subsidiary of the state-owned Caisse des Dépôts, is a trusted partner of business and provides loans, guarantees and  equity  funding  to  assist  companies  from  start-up  to  stock  market  listing.  Bpifrance  also  provides  assistance  and  support services to underpin innovation, external growth and exports in partnership with Business France and Coface.
Bpifrance offers businesses a continuum of finance provision at each key stage of their development, with services catered to specific regional circumstances
With 42 regional offices (90% of decisions are taken regionally), Bpifrance is a key instrument for economic competitiveness that works  in  service  of  business.  Bpifrance  acts  in support  of  government  and  regional  policies  toward  the  achievement  of  three objectives:

  • Supporting business growth
  • Laying the ground for future competitiveness
  • Contributing to the development of a pro-business environment

With Bpifrance, businesses benefit from a capable, efficient and close contact which responds to all of their financing, innovation and investment needs

Managed by Bpifrance on behalf of the French government as part of the government’s Future Investments Program,  the SPI Fund aims to provide development support to industrial projects that offer the best prospects for business and employment in their industries

The Fund acts as an equity investor in special-purpose project companies for industrial development projects selected on the basis of  their  growth  potential,  the  current  status  of  the  industry  and  their  contribution  to  ecological  and  energy  transition.  It  thus constitutes one of the financial levers of the New Industrial France strategy