PV plants for industries' self-consumption

SUNCNIM provides integrated PV plant solutions to decrease electricity bill of industrial plants by using Smart Energy Management systems to adjust in real time the electricity consumption and PV production.


Customer profil industrial plants which want to reduce their electricity bill and dependency from the grid

The use of PV in industry with a smart energy management system allows to decrease significantly the electricity bill of customers by adjusting in real time production to consumption

Thanks to the very competitive price of PV, self-consumption is today one the most promising application for PV

In addition, the rate of self-consumption can be optimized with the use of a battery to maximize the consumption of PV electricity on site.

SUNCNIM provides integrated services for PV self consumption for industries :

  • Audit: consumption profile and electrical grid analysis¬†
  • Design of the PV plant according to the consumption profile, location and type of industry
  • Construction of the PV plant in the framework of a turnkey contract
  • Monitoring, operation and maintenance to guarantee the optimum performances of the PV plant

SUNCNIM value chain