PV plants with electricity storage for isolated/off grid locations

SUNCNIM provides fully integrated EPC PV plant solutions with energy storage based on a proprietary innovative Energy Management System (EMS) developed by its affiliate company, Bertin Technology.


Customer profil Independent power producer (IPP) in  island grids (ZNI French tender, Caribbean island….) and off-grid

The use of energy storage for PV plants becomes more and more competitive for applications in isolated or off-grid locations.

SUNCNIM designs and builds the entire plant:

  • The storage block which includes batteries, inverters and the Energy Management System (EMS) developed by its affiliate company, Bertin technologies
  • PV array including PV panels, inverters and support structures
  • Diesel generator used in hybrid plant suitable for off-grid application

Thanks to the control of the EMS, SUNCNIM can offer to its customers a tailor made design taking inTO account PV array production, weather forecast,  electricity price profil AND fuel price in order to maximize return on investment