Photovoltaic Installations

SUNCNIM designs, builds (EPC) and operates PV plants with storage for utilities and industrial customers


Bertin EMSSUNCNIM relies on the Energy Managment System (EMS) developed by its sister company Bertin Technologies to provide

  • Turnkey (EPC) PV power plant with storage/diesel generator sets for weak/off grids location and,
  • Turnkey PV power plants for industrial self-consumption.


Some questions ?

The main advantages of SUNCNIM's technology

Control of electricity production & consumption

  • Use of a propriatary EMS developed by Bertin technology
  • Use of Li-ion battery to store the energy
  • Use of diesel generator sets for off-grid location

Cost effective

  • Optimum design of equipment thanks to Bertin's EMS
  • Optimum revenue generation based on electricity price profil
  • Mature technology for project finance

Simple & modular

  • Low maintenance cost
  • SCADA remote control
  • Scalable to customer needs
  • Short construction period

Photovoltaic power plant with battery storage



For weak and off-grid locations, it is key for utilities to control the injection of PV electricity in the grid in order to guaranty its stability. To adress this challenge, SUNCNIM developed a PV storage block which includes :

BertinAn Energy Managment System (EMS) developed by Bertin Technologies which incompasses severals keys features :

  • Analyse weather forecasts to determine the best strategy of PV plant management in order to maximise revenue
  • Guaranty low variability of the production during the day  
  • Guaranty the operation of the batteries in standard conditions to maximise their lifetime
  • Minimize inverter power clipping in order to maximise PV plant revenue
  • Adjust customer's electricity consumption with control device

Li-ion Batteries procured from leading suppliers qualified by SUNCNIM

Bi-directional inverter to charge and discharge batteries

Diesel Generator sets to include in hybrid PV solar system

SUNCNIM supplies turn-key (EPC) battery storage blockS for PV plantS

The control of the Energy Management System (EMS) as a core Equipment & Proprietary technology guarantees the performances and reliability of SUNCNIM's turnkey PV power plant with storage/diesel generator

Schema PV global

Bertin's EMS technology is already in operation since October 2014 on a PV plant of 950 kWc -1,2 MWh storage located in the island of Reunion

PV storage plant

Self-consumption PV electricity for the industry


Photovoltaic plant behind the meter with a proprietary energy management system (EMS) is used in order to :

  • Reduce electricity bill of industrial plant
  • Ajust electricity production to comsunption periods to optimize self consumption ratio
  • Increase independance of industrial plants vis a vis the national grid operator

SUNCNIM optimiSes the self-consumption PV installation with the use of an Energy Management System (EMS)

SUNCNIM provides large power consumer with a wide range of services for PV self-consumption


  • Audit : consumption profile and electrical grid analysis
  • Design of PV plant according to consumption profile, location and type of industry
  • Turn key Construction of PV plant (full EPC)
  • Monitoring, operation and maintenance to guaranty optimum performances

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