CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) solar systems produce thermal energy (heat) through the use of mirrors. These systems focus solar radiation on a receiver. SUNCNIM has designed its own technology based on Fresnel mirrors. Several rows of slightly curved mirrors reflect the sunlight onto a fixed receiver tube called absorber. Water circulated through a pump is injected into the absorber and then heated by concentrated sun’s rays.

Main characteristics of the SUNCNIM module:

  • Dimensions 67m x 18m, height 9m, 900m2 of mirrors,
  • Characteristics of the steam production : water or saturated steam from 1 to 120 bars,
  • One driving actuator per module,
  • Modules assembled in lines (typically up to 500m), and lines in parallel,
  • Unit peak power: approx. 500kWth/module
watch the video of Suncnim
Reflectors focus the sun's rays into the receiver
Water coming from the plant circulates into the receiver
The sun's rays turn the water into high pressure / temperature steam

Main Advantages

A simple and robust technology to provide the lowest cost of steam/energy


  • Direct steam generation
  • Fixed receiver
  • Reflector made with flat glass mirror
  • Modular and scalable conception
  • Storage technology
  • Equipment design and proven for arsh conditions (high wind, sandstorm, hail, earthquake, snow)


  • Lowest cost of CSP technology for construction & operation
  • Use of standard materials
  • Fully automatic patented cleaning system: very low water consumption


  • Mobile workshop on project site to manufacture the reflectors
  • Contribute to local economic development and job creation
  • Standard materials easy to purchase locally

SUNCNIM automatic cleaning robot to ensure the cleanliness of the reflector for an optimal optical efficiency and steam production

SUNCNIM local workshop to produce on project site the reflectors to promote local content and optimize construction cost

Local Content

CNIM has designed and developed its solar technology taking into account the specificities of the target host countries. This development choice enables  SUNCNIM Fresnel technology to have a strong local content compared to other CSP technologies.

The components involved are simple; materials are low cost and commonly used on most markets. Furthermore, due to the simple design, assembly and erection of the solar plant is directly carried out on site using temporary workshops and will create many jobs close to the erection site.

These features allow the CNIM technology to be a vector of energy development while guiding and encouraging them in the development of the local industry.


SUNCNIM guarantees the annual energy of the facilities through simple indicators in order to assess the level of performance. This performance guarantee is valid throughout the entire duration of the project: development phase, provisional and final acceptance of the system, normal operation by the customer. Proof of our commitment to success the project, it lies on a proprietary calculation software based on  operation of the CSP demo plant in la Seyne-Sur-Mer since 2010.

Fraunhofer ISE verified the performance of SUNCNIM demonstrator in La Seyne sur Mer based on
thermal in-situ measurements of test sequences in summer 2015.

SUNCNIM is a member of the R&D EU program STAGE-STE which aims to define the future disruptive improvement of CSP technology.